Via Domitia at Nimes, France

The Via Domitia is a roman road built approximately 118 b.c. which can still be visited today along most of its full length. Partly the via domitia is still used as a road today, while other sections may be discovered in the open landscape. I have travelled the full lenth of the old raod in 2005 and collected gps-coordinates and photographs along the way.

The Via Domitia goes all the way from the Rhone river of France near Beaucaire to the Pyrenees, thereby passing through the french region of Languedoc. At both ends as well as in between the road was linked of coarse to the network of roman road. The via domitia, however, was indispensable for the development of this coastal region of France and still is today.

(c) Hans-Georg Pagendarm  

Porte Auguste

The eastern entrance of the Via Domitia into the roman town Nemausus (today's Nimes) was marked by a gate building with 4 passageways, two for coaches plus an extra port for pedestrians on each side. The gate named Porte Auguste still exists today. Visit the location of the Porte Auguste with Google Earth
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